Slime Info

CAUTION Slime is NOT FOR EATING. Make sure to keep your slime away from little kids and pets.

How long does slime last?

Slime shelf life varies. Some slimes stay non-sticky for a long time, while others need more care. Think of your slime like a little pet that needs some attention now and then. Check out how to take care of your slime here.

Do your slimes have borax?

Yes, all our slimes are made with borax. Don't buy if you're allergic to borax.

What's in your slime for those with allergies? Our slimes use safe supplies and ingredients. If you're super sensitive, you might still have allergies. Don't play if you're allergic to certain things like borax, glue, and more. If you want to double-check, contact us.

My slime is sticky, stiff, not stretchy, not clear anymore. What can I do?

Find out how to fix these issues here.


What's the right age for slime?

Slime is great for kids 4 and up. Keep it away from small kids (CHOKING HAZARD).

Can I eat your slime? Nope, our slimes are NOT FOOD. Don't eat them, ever!