About Celine


Much like every other kid, Celine has been absolutely thrilled to immerse herself in the captivating universe of slime!

At the tender age of 5, Celine approached her mum with excitement, fervently proposing the idea of starting her very own online store. Mum wholeheartedly supported the endeavor, though she made sure to remind Celine to steadfastly pursue her dream.

As the years unfolded, Celine eagerly witnessed the soaring success of her mum's photography business. This triumph ignited a fiery passion within Celine, propelling her to relentlessly pursue her own dream.

Saving up her own funds, Celine meticulously crafted her imaginative business plans. Fast forward three years to her 8th birthday, and Celine proudly unveiled her own store, LoveFromCeline.com.au.

The triumph of her slime business allowed her mum to bid farewell to her photography venture and join forces with Celine to expand their enterprise.

With her mother now by her side, pouring her heart into creative ideas, Celine is eager to share more of the things that bring her joy with her fellow young adventurers!

At the incredible age of 12, Celine has joyfully sold thousands of slimes, bringing infectious smiles to both kids and grown-ups at our absolutely fantastic pop-up events.

Feel free to swing by and say HI – we're absolutely thrilled to meet you! And, of course, buckle up for an exhilarating and continuous stream of super fun slime adventures!